Founded in 1981 and located in Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra, India.Largest Indian manufacturer of Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTC) and Shaped Insulated wires for Power Equipment, Renewable and Railways .


Pioneered the development of CTC Technology in India.
Provide Customized and Innovative Solutions for Transformers, Wind Generators, and Large Rotating machines.


Major multinationals, Power Sector and Government Undertaking enterprises.


Commercial annual production of 17,000 MT, of which 10,000 MT comprises of CTC.
30% of our products are exported to global OEM’s.


Globally approved partner for Siemens, GE Grid, ABB and others.
ISO 9000, ISO 14000 certified .


Highly skilled manpower of over 275 professionals working towards developing and innovative solutions for our cleints, partners and associates.

About KSH International

KSH International is a leading provider of insulated/covered conductors across the globe.

We are committed to providing the highest quality products customized to the specialized needs OEM’s who supply electrical equipment for Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution sectors.

Founded in 1981, KSH International has built long-term partnerships with customers through continuous development and a one stop facility providing a complete range of insulated rectangular copper and Continuously Transposed Cables. We combine industry knowledge, proactive research and specialized technology to provide customers with improved mechanical strength and the electrical performance they need.

Headquartered at Chakan, Pune, India (120 km from Mumbai), KSH International uses cutting edge manufacturing technology to offer a comprehensive range of products including wrapped rectangular copper (PICC), Continuously Transposed Cables (CTC), Enameled Rectangular Copper (EPICC), Mica covered and Nomex® PICC for use in a variety of applications.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Chakan and Taloja (50 Km from Mumbai) and a production capacity of 12,000 MT, KSH International serves customers across Europe, Middle East, Japan and South East Asia. Our customers include manufacturers of Oil Filled Power & Distributions Transformers, High Voltage Motors/Generators, Traction Transformers, Dry Type Transformers, Cast Resin Transformers, Auto Electricals, AC coils, DC coils & Electro Magnets.

Today, KSH International leverages its three decade history of innovation and relentless customer focus to deliver product reliability that is rooted in an advanced quality management system. With continued investments in people and technology and a focus on environmental stewardship, we aim to deliver long-term value across stakeholder groups sustainably and responsibly.


Wrapped Rectangular Copper/Aluminium
Enamelled Rectangular Copper
Continuously Transposed Cables
Speciality Products

The Technology

Modern electrical products demand that rectangular wires for coil winding be drawn from carefully selected raw materials, and both conductor and insulation materials be manufactured to the highest standards and under controlled conditions.

By drawing, flattening and stress relieving, KSH produces a wide range of rectangular conductors with sizes ranging from 4 mm2 to 120 mm2. Wrapping, vertical strip enamelling, and transposing achieves insulation of all types of conductors using a variety of insulating materials.

Rigorous testing is carried out by advanced testing equipment in KSH Laboratories to ensure that end products meet national, international and customer standards.


KSH is also approved as a supplier to State Electricity Boards such as MSEB, MPSEB, RSEB, PSEB etc. Also approved supplier for Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (PGCIL), National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), National Hydro Development Corporation (NHDC), Nuclear Power Corporation India (NPCIL) etc.

Exports to Australia, Bangladesh, Japan, Middle East, Europe etc.

Approved supplier for 765 Kv, Transformers and Reactors and 1200 Kv Transformers



Head Office:
Chakan – Ambethan Road,
Chakan, Pune – 410501, INDIA.


Tel: +91-2135-256410 / +91-2135-256412
Fax: +91-2135-256411